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H.C. Howell is proud of the support they provide to their products. We understand that failure of our product can be a safety issue and downtime in our served industry is unacceptable and expensive.

Our equipment is manufactured to give many hours of reliable, safe operation. However, as a braking product pads are designed to wear, sooner or later they have to be replaced. We have an exchange policy in place so brakes can be replaced immediately and our customers do not have to wait for their existing brake to be remanufactured or repaired.

Our dedication to supplying the most reliable brake bands and a commitment to standing by the product we supply allows us to offer warranted product that gives the client a replacement brake with minimum downtime.

We offer to our customers 24/7 support. Our product is shipped all over the world and we have an intricate understanding of our market to work with our clients to diagnose application issues in the field. We have found that because a brake band fails it is not always necessarily the root of the problem.

We have a revolving parts inventory to ensure minimum downtime.

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