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H.C. Howell has invested in all the resources to control the manufacturing process of brake bands from raw materials to the finished product. Over the years, we have learned firsthand what is best practice and how to manufacture a superior braking products for oil and gas drilling equipment.

We manufacture all the components and use master templates of all the leading brands of brakes. Our rolling process ensures perfect roundness. Certified magnafluxing technicians ensure all points of stress are inspected inside and out of the band. This process guarantees the detection of any defects in the weldments or in the process incorporated in the manufacture, and that might occur due to the stresses of the part during service. Sand blasting ensures the bands can go through our inspection process free of any contaminants and with our in-house paint process our bands are suitably protected for operating reliably in very adverse conditions.

Our exchange program has taught us what works and what does not. We torque the brake block screws at the recommended 12 to 15 lbs. of torque. We do not paint the inside surface of the band where the pads are bolted. Our experience has shown a painted surface will allow the block to slip and in severe cases the block will sheer off from the band. We protect the surface of our bands to ensure no slippage of the pads and minimal rust.

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